What is VadebikeBcn?
VadebikeBcn is the new system of sustainable private bike parking in Barcelona. Smart Biking, cycling and parking safely, sustainably and intelligently.

VadebikeBcn encourages the use of bicycles and contributes to the good organization of mobility and sustainability within the city.

VadebikeBcn offers urban cyclists the opportunity to move around the city without having to worry about where and how to park the bike safely, sustainably and intelligently.

Download the three-page leaflet explanatory of service.
Enjoy VadebikeBcn throughout the year and practice Smart Biking
VadebikeBcn service is always open: 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Sign up on the web and start enjoying the VadebikeBcn network.
Enjoy VadebikeBcn throughout the year and practice Smart Biking
  • For all types of bicycles
    VadebikeBcn is a sustainable, innovative and ergonomic parking for all types of bikes: urban, road, mountain, electric or folding. VadebikeBcn suits you and your bike.
    • Vadebike
    • Vadebike
    • Vadebike
    • Vadebike
  • Keep your helmet safe
    Your safety is guaranteed when you move around the city, but not necessary when you're parking with VadebikeBcn. Easily keep your helmet safe by placing it under the provided cover.
    Keep your helmet safe
  • Bicycle insurance
    VadebikeBcn offers bicycle insurance on all subscribers.
    The first step is the registration of the bicycle. The user must provide the information listed on the form to validate the type of bicycle properly. The insurance is only valid in case of theft of bicycles that are parked on the network of VadebikeBcn bike parks.
    Bicycle insurance
  • Exclusive and patented design
    VadebikeBcn has an exclusive parking design in golden forms and is patented nationally and internationally.
    Exclusive and patented design
  • Book your place
    Choose the station on the availability map and click to book a place.
    Once in place, log in with the user´s card and park your bicycle.
    You can check your booking on the user’s area.
    Book your place
  • Safe, smart and easy
    The bike park protects your bike with three separate locks that hold the frame, the box and the two wheels.
    The process of parking and removal of the bike is very easy and quick. In less than 30 seconds you can park your bike and pick it up comfortably.
    Safe, smart and easy
How to register to VadebikeBcn?
How to register to VadebikeBcn?
VadebikeBcn is a bike park service for users aged over 16 years. Cyclists who are 16 and 17 years old need an authorization signed by his/her parent or legal guardian to be sent via email to the following address: info@vadebikebcn.com.

Click here and follow the steps:
  1. Fill in the registration form with all your data, following the steps. Carefully read the Terms of Service before accepting and finish the registration process. 
    Remember: subscribe to VadebikeBcn the DNI or NIE is required.
  2. New user's will immediately receive a confirmation email and within 2 weeks a welcome package will arrive at your selected address. If any issues occur with this process please contact 936670024.
  3. Got the card? Great! Now go back to the website and activate it.  The subscription period is 1 year and starts accumulating time once activated.
  4. Now you're all set to enjoy VadebikeBcn's service!
How does VadebikeBcn work?
The VadebikeBcn parking lots are safe, sustainable, smart, simple, comfortable, with low visual impact and reduced space requirements. Each parking spot is designed to park 2 bicycles. The bicycle is blocked by 3 anchor points that protect both wheels, frame, seat and helmet.

Download the instructions manual.
VadebikeBcn rates
VadebikeBcn rates
The payment entitles the user to the card with which he/she can make use of the service. Without obtaining the card it will not be possible to park the bike. The annual fee also entitles you to apply for the insurance. (Details of the insurance terms and conditions of service follows).

The cost of each parking will depend on the time the user leaves the bike. The cost per hour to be applied in each parking will be:
0 - 6 h0,00 €/h
6 - 24 h0,09 €/h
The cost of the reservation of a place is 0,50 € / hour (the parking can be booked for a maximum duration of 60 minutes).

Example: Leave the bicycle parked up to a maximum of 6 hours without interruption will be free. Leaving the bicycle parked for 10 hours in a row will cost you € 0.36.

The maximum parking time is 24 hours, after that, the user will receive a notice to proceed to remove his/her bike. From this moment the fee is € 0.18/hour.
If the user has not proceeded to remove the bike over a period of 48 hours, for the following remaining hours the fee is: € 0.36/hour.
After 72 hours without the user having removed the bike, the Guardia Urbana will proceed to take it to the impound. UTE VADEBIKE BCN will not be responsible from that moment for the user's bicycle.
If you lose the card, you will have to pay for a new one.

Indicating the time schedule and parking duration below, you can know the parking fee as follows:
Enter a date and start/end time to calculate the cost.
Date and start time *
Parking time *
VadebikeBcn usage rules
VadebikeBcn is a parking system of rotation. We guarantee an image of sustainable mobility, so parking cannot exceed 24 hours. No long-term parking lots are allowed in order to prevent dropouts and a carelessness image of our city.
Parking is done very easily. Both for parking and picking up the bike, the user just has to identify him/herself  on the VadebikeBcn point using his/her personal card. The use of the parking proceeds exclusively with the personal card and bicycles registered by the user.
When the parking is empty, the locks must be perfectly subject to their anchor points. Leaving the hooks off is never an options. 
You can consult the full conditions of use, service and promotions of VadebikeBcn here.
Tips for a Smart Biker
Tips for a Smart Biker
Make a good use of VadebikeBcn. The city will thank you!
  • VadebikeBcn is for all the citizens, be responsible!
  • Make the process of parking and picking up correctly according to the instructions.
  • Lending the card is prohibited. The insurance only covers the holder.
  • The insurance will remain valid only on bicycles that have been validated by UTE VADEBIKE BCN.
  • Always have your data updated on the web. Avoid having the card blocked.
  • For your safety, we recommend the use of helmets.
  • VadebikeBcn is a shared and limited service.
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