Festival of the Bicycle
15th June 2017
Sunday June 11th, the city of Barcelona celebrated the Bicycle Party/Festival. A magnificent civic day and open to all citizens, in which the vehicle with two wheels became the absolute protagonist with the open bicycle tour downtown of 10 kilometers, and the party with activities that passed Lluís Companys, in the Arc of Triomf. 

This iniciative promotes the use of the bicycle as a usual transport method and has the objective to create more sustainable and healthy mobility to help better the environmental quality and reclaim public space for citizenship. 

VadebikeBcn presented in the party of entities and companies in the Arc of Triunf with their own stand where we offered the posibility to visitors to use one of our bike parks installed for the occasion.  All of them that vistied us put stickers with the logo “I am a Smart Biker” in order to decorate their bicycles and took potos where they explained how the service of VadebikeBcn worked for user’s own private bicycles: easy, safe and intelligent.  The children decorated bicycles with some nice balloons with VadebikeBcn yellow logo’s made from Lluís Companys.  Alot of visitors enjoyed the presence of our MIMO dress for the occasion that on some had stilts to have small represented as large.  It was quite entertaining.
This project has received funding from the European
Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 729640 and 767609