Safe parking for bicycles VadebikeBcn are already operating
31 January 2017
Some 130 people have already registered as users of the new safe parking for bicycles VadebikeBcn the company has installed in the city. These 14 stations distributed between Plaza de España and Avenida Diagonal. The system allows the two wheels, the bike frame, seat and helmet. It is designed as a rotary parking system and the council has set pricing. Every 12 hours of parking cost 0.75 euros.

Maria came from the Basque Country to study in Barcelona. He often uses the bicycle and when he saw the parking Vadebike register them immediately. Through an electronic card that identifies each user unlocks the car park. The helmet and seat are introduced at the top, a closed space that blocks the stem of the bike. Two long chains made of an alloy resistant tie allow both wheels and the frame of the bike to the station. Bikes are constantly monitored and telephone service to query 24 hours a day in case of incident.

The bike parks are under pilot, which is planned for a year and a half, until the middle of 2019. Then the City Council will evaluate the success of the implementation to decide its continuity. The service was launched in December 2016. Since then there are 130 users can use the available 150 seats spread over 14 seasons. The pricing depends on the Council and is open to rethink it according to the demands of subscribers. At the moment, registration costs 15 euros, including insurance up to 300 euros per bicycle. The parking is paid for hours and hours depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. For example, leave the bike there for 12 hours on weekdays costs a total of 0.75 euros and 1.25 euros if it is the weekend.

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This project has received funding from the European
Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 729640 and 767609