€ 25 / year
  • Insurance
    Included of €300
    Expand all risk insurance
  • Incidents
    Service 24h - 365 days
    934 631 147

    The RACC with the bicycle!
  • Maintenance
    For the bicycle
    Free review at any DECATHLON workshop

    Expires at 3 months!
€ 25 / year
  • Gratuitous
    Up to 8 hours
  • € 0.09 / hour
    Max. 24 hours
How to park?
  • Identify yourself with the card and enter the helmet Identify yourself with the card and enter the helmet Identify yourself with the card and enter the helmet Identify yourself with the card and enter the helmet
    Identify yourself with the card and enter the helmet
  • Enter the bike in reverse, by the post
    Enter the bike in reverse, by the post
  • Pass the padlock by the 2 wheels and the frame Pass the padlock by the 2 wheels and the frame
    Pass the padlock by the 2 wheels and the frame
  • 01
  • 013
  • 025
    UPC Edifici D6
  • 02
  • 014
  • 026
    UB Biologia
  • 03
    Comte Urgell
  • 015
    La Salle Technova
  • 027
    UB Ciències de la Terra
  • 04
    Buenos Aires
  • 016
    Catalana Parc
  • 028
    DIR Diagonal
  • 05
  • 017
    UPC Edifici Omega
  • 029
    SABA - Hospital Clínic
  • 06
  • 018
    UB Física i Química
  • 030
    SABA - Rambla Catalunya
  • 07
    Marquès de Sentmenat
  • 019
    UPF Ciutadella
  • 031
    SABA - Pg de Gràcia
  • 08
  • 020
    UPC Biblioteca BRGF
  • 032
    SABA - Pl. Urquinaona
  • 09
  • 021
    UPC Nàutica
  • 033
    PORT VELL - Acuarium
  • 010
    Enric Bargés
  • 022
    UPC Plaça Camins
  • 034
    PORT VELL - Pau Vila
  • 011
  • 023
    UPC Edifici D2
  • 012
  • 024
    UB Economia i Empresa
What is VadebikeBcn?

Vadebike is the new system of sustainable private bike parking in Barcelona. Smart Biking, cycling and parking safely, sustainably and intelligently.
Vadebike encourages the use of bicycles and contributes to the good organization of mobility and sustainability within the city.
Vadebike offers urban cyclists the opportunity to move around the city without having to worry about where and how to park the bike safely, sustainably and intelligently.

Always open

Vadebike service is always open: 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Sign up on the web and start enjoying the Vadebike network.

What are the advantatges?
  • Vadebike is a sustainable, innovative and ergonomic parking for all types of bikes: urban, road, mountain, electric or folding. VadebikeBcn suits you and your bike
  • Your safety is guaranteed when you move around the city, but not necessary when you're parking with VadebikeBcn. Easily keep your helmet safe by placing it under the provided cover.
  • Vadebike offers bicycle insurance on all subscribers. The first step is the registration of the bicycle. The user must provide the information listed on the form to validate the type of bicycle properly. The insurance is only valid in case of theft of bicycles that are parked on the network of Vadebike bike parks.
  • Vadebike has an exclusive parking design in golden forms and is patented nationally and internationally.


Vadebike is a parking system of rotation. We guarantee an image of sustainable mobility, so parking cannot exceed 24 hours. No long-term parking lots are allowed in order to prevent dropouts
and a carelessness image of our city.
Parking is done very easily. Both for parking and picking up the bike, the user just has to identify him/herself on the VadebikeBcn point using his/her personal card. The use of the parking
proceeds exclusively with the personal card and bicycles registered by the user.
When the parking is empty, the locks must be perfectly subject to their anchor points. Leaving the hooks off is never an options.

  • Make the process of parking and picking up correctly according to the instructions.
  • Lending the card is prohibited. The insurance only covers the holder.
  • The insurance will remain valid only on bicycles that have been validated by UTE VADEBIKE BCN.
  • Always have your data updated on the web. Avoid having the card blocked.
  • For your safety, we recommend the use of helmets.
  • Vadebike is a shared and limited service.
This project has received funding from the European
Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under grant agreement No 729640 and 767609